Gigamon, the industry’s #1 network Visibility Platform, gives you comprehensive visibility into your physical, virtual, and cloud networks so that you can strengthen your security posture,  accelerate time to detection, and quickly remediate.

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CISO Boardroom Session

Enabling Comprehensive Security with Pervasive Visibility

As the volume and proficiency of malware increases and becomes more difficult to manage, a new approach is needed for network security. Gigamon’s Security Delivery Platform provides granular visibility and control of network traffic based upon its unique intelligence and orchestration capabilities. Gigamon offers the scale and flexibility to integrate with and enhance existing security tools for better threat detection, response and mitigation. Learn about and discuss how Gigamon’s solutions can improve your organization’s security posture.

Date/Time: Monday, June 12, 5:55pm - 6:25pm
Location: Please refer to Gartner website
Speaker: Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President, Product Line Management

Solution Provider Session

From Band-Aids to Immunity: A New Model for Pervasive Security

Today’s security spend is based on an antiquated “Band-Aid” model. While band-aids provide local protection, they do nothing to combat the invasion of infectious diseases elsewhere. It’s time for a new model. One that mimics the human immune system and more effectively helps organizations understand, characterize, and defeat ever-evolving polymorphic threats. Learn about this new model and how it can improve an organization’s security posture, reduce risk, ensure better compliance and contain costs.

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 13, 3:30pm - 4:15pm
Location: Maryland 1, Ballroom Level
Speakers: Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer

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